See our Frequently Asked Questions below:

Who will be eligible for discounts under this scheme?

Anyone whose main residence is in Colonsay, Orkney, Shetland, the Western Isles, Islay, Jura, Caithness and parts of Sutherland.  Eligible Postcodes

Who will be not be eligible for discounted flights?
  • People whose residence is not in the eligible geographic area
  • People travelling on Public Service Obligation (PSO) flights
  • People travelling for the purpose of business. Business related travel is considered any journey where there is a business component, regardless of whether there is also a leisure-related component
  • People travelling on NHS funded trips. (If a trip is wholly or partly funded by the NHS, there is no entitlement to Air Discount)
  • Anyone in the eligible geographic area who does not have a live, valid card
  • People travelling on any service where the cost of travel is being met in whole or in part by a third party
Are there any restrictions on the number of eligible trips?

There is no restriction on the number of trips per eligible person.

Is the discount available for both single and return journeys?

Yes it applies to both single and return journeys.

Does it apply to onward connections?

Only journeys to and from Inverness, Aberdeen, Bergen, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh and London Southend are included.

How do eligible persons apply for discounted air fares?

Eligible persons can register for the scheme by printing off an application form from our website, by contacting the ADS office, by obtaining a form from an airport or participating Travel Agents.

Forms with appropriate proofs of residence can be posted or emailed into us.

Do all the eligible adults in my household need to complete individual applications?

No. Eligible persons of the same household can register for this scheme on one application form. Each person must supply relevant proof of residence. They will each receive an individual Air Discount Scheme card.

The system is not recognising my card details, do you know why?

We would need to check your card status on our system, but most commonly it is because the card details have been entered incorrectly. ADS should be in capital letters followed by 13 digits with no spaces and correct Pin number.

My child is now 16 do they now need their own card?

Everyone who is 16 and over and lives in an eligible area, needs to have their own card. If they have not received an application pack from us before their 16th birthday please contact us to request one.

How can I book an ADS related flight with Flybe, Loganair or British Airways?

Please refer to the Booking tab

An approved travel agent list is included on this website

Can I apply for Scheme Membership on-line?

A completed application form and proofs of residence can be emailed to info@airdiscountscheme.com

Do I need to send photographic I.D in for proof of residency?


I have a holiday/second home in the eligible areas, do I qualify for a card?

Unfortunately, you do not. To qualify for a card you need to have your main residence in the eligible areas.

I/my daughter/son is going to university, do I/they still qualify for the discount?

Yes you/they do if the main residence remains in the eligible areas.
If they are studying in the eligible areas.

My card has expired, how do I go about getting a replacement?

Provided that your details are still live on our database we can give you your current details over the telephone. If not you will need to re-apply.

How do I go about changing my name/address details or adding dependents?

You need to fill out the card amendment form in the application tab, if you have moved we require two proofs of residences for your new address.

How do I book for a card holder and a non card holder at the same time?

By approved Travel Agent.

Direct with airline by phone.

Carer\legal guardian

If you are a carer or a legal guardian for a prospective member then please call us on 0800 032 2890 to discuss their application.